The P slogan debate!

In designing this forum we have just been debating what our strapline should be.  We were wanting to emphasise our interest in organic P compounds, which we feel have been neglected relative to inorganic forms…  Here are some of the slogans that we did not use – some of them are a little more serious than others! If you have any better suggestions please post a comment and add your suggestions…….

Soil Phosphorus Forum:

  • Research Spanning the Inorganic/Organic Continuum
  • You’d be Dead Without it!
  • 30.9738  is the Magic Number
  • Understanding the Dynamics of P in the Environment
  • How far can you make your P Go?
  • Towards an Equal Understanding of all Forms
  • Releasing the P in our World
  • So Phlippin’ Phantastic
  • Phingerlicking Good
  • A Rainbow Society embracing all denominations of soil P
  • Knowledge to Improve the Utility of all Environmental Forms of Soil P
  • Reaching all the Forms of P that other Forums Cannot Reach
  • Releasing forms of P that other forums cannot reach!
  • For Folk who Like P
  • If you Don’t Think it’s Important you’re Wrong!
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