Help needed: HPLC method for soil organic P speciation

Hi Everyone

Does anyone have experience with HPLC methods for soil organic phosphorus?

We are trying to reproduce Espinosa et al (1999) method but so far it has been inconsistent in the retention time of the standards. We are still working in changing the mobile phase to try to solve the problem, but I’m accepting suggestions and for this and other methods.


Daniel Blackburn

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2 Responses to Help needed: HPLC method for soil organic P speciation

  1. dblackburn2014 says:

    Response posted by Kittima Waithaisong · Montpellier SupAgro on Resarch Gate

    Daniel, I did’t read Espinosa et al (1999) but i saw it for the first time in the presentation of Haygarth PM in the conference PSP5 last year.

    During my thesis, i have developed the protocol to analyse organic phosphorus in Ferralsol using Ion chromatography. We used NaOH as a mobile phase and in 25 min run, we can separate all organic phosphorus in the sample. The paper will be published this year but i think we have many thing to improve the protocol. If you need more information, you can send me an email or send it to my supervisor C. Plassard. She can give you a valuable advices.

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