FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT – Organic Phosphorus Workshop (OP2016)

We are delighted to announce Organic Phosphorus Workshop (OP2016), following the successful meetings held in Panama-2013 and in Ascona-2003.  All soil, water, plant and environmental scientists are welcome to exchange ideas and innovation on the subject of “Organic Phosphorus in the Environment: Solutions for Phosphorus Security”. op2016-poster

The dates for the meeting will be 5-9th of September 2016 and the venue will be the Low Wood Hotel and Conference Centre, on the side of Lake Windermere, in northern England. For more information please visit or email us on

Confirmed keynotes so far: Dr Barbara Cade-Menun, Prof. Dr. Erwin Klumpp and Dr. Federica Tamburini


  1. Phosphorus flows in the environment in context with other nutrient cycles: Integration across ecosystems;
  2. Methods of evaluating organic P stocks, concentration and speciation;
  3. Biotic interactions in organic P cycling;
  4. Abiotic interactions of organic P in soil and waters: Stocks, Flows and impact of scale;
  5. Global challenges for Organic P research;

The conference programme and complete keynote list will be announced in October 2015.  Abstract submission will open in February 2016.

Hold the date and more information to follow soon,


Phil Haygarth

On behalf of the Steering Committee:

Phil Haygarth, Daniel Blackburn, Catherine Wearing, Courtney Giles, Tegan Darch, Tim George, David Lumsdon, Charlie Shand, Martin Blackwell, Ben Turner, Leo Condron, Alan Richardson, Philippe Hinsinger, Reiner Giesler, Tandra Fraser, Maria de la Luz Mora and Jianbo Shen. 

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