OP2016, 5th – 9th September 2016

Orglogoanic Phosphorus Workshop, Lake District, England,  5th – 9th September 2016

Final Programme Now Available

The OP2016 workshop is around the corner and we have 100 delegates registered. We received a substantial number of exceptional abstracts and the OP2016 Steering group has considered all abstracts submitted. The Final OP2016 Programme can now be downloaded.

Keynote Speakers 

Session 1: Organic P flows in the environment in context with other nutrient cycles: Integration across ecosystems 

Prof. Leo Condron

Keynote Talk: Historical perspective on the nature and dynamics of organic phosphorus in the environment


Session 2: Methods of evaluating organic P stocks, concentration and speciation

Dr. Barbara Cade-Menun

Keynote Talk: Methods to characterize and quantify organic phosphorus in environmental samples: past successes and future directions


Session 3: Biotic interactions in organic P cycling – Plants

Dr. Marie Spohn

Keynote Talk: How are organic carbon and phosphorus mineralization connected in the rhizosphere?


Dr. Mark Smits

Keynote Talk: Plant-fungus interactions with apatite: ideas versus observations of mycorrhizal fungi-induced apatite weathering 


Session 4: Biotic interactions in organic P cycling – Microbes

Dr. Federica Tamburini

Keynote Talk: Insights into the biological cycle of P (with a little help from oxygen isotopes).


Dr. Anna Rosling

Keynote Talk: How mycorrhizal associations effects phosphorus cycling in deciduous forest soils.        


Session 5: Organic P in soil and waters: Stocks, Flows and impact of scale

Prof. Dr. Erwin Klumpp

Keynote Talk: Specification of nano-particulate phosphorus in terrestrial systems


Session 6: Global challenges for Organic P research

Dr. Ben Turner

Keynote Talk: Organic phosphorus and the ecology of tropical forests

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