Research Associate: New opportunity at The University of Western Australia at the School of Agriculture & Environment

As part of the multi-disciplinary team comprising personnel from the University of Western Australia, WA Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development, Adelaide University, Murdoch University and two fertilizer companies, the research associate will carry out the laboratory, glasshouse and field studies and other relevant research required to quantify key processes controlling soil P storage, supply and response in wheat, canola and lupins.

Tasks will include:
Formulation of specific hypotheses and optimisation of detailed experimental design to test these. Consideration will be given to (i) characterising processes governing P availability along the soil profile, (ii) determining the relationship between root structure/function and P acquisition, (iii) correcting low subsoil P availability, (iv) quantifying draw-down of soil P over time and the effect of low P fertilizer rates on crop growth and grain yield, etc.
Collect and analyse soil and plant samples
Compile/process/present data, including statistical interpretation
Contribute to writing manuscript(s) for submission to high-impact journals, and
Other duties as directed

Please see link below for full applicant information.


Final advertisement – Research Associate UWA

About malikamezeli

I am a PhD student based at The James Hutton Institute, under Tim George, Roy Neilson, Phil Haygarth (Lancaster University) and Martin Blackwell (Rothamsted Research). My research considers the role trophic interactions in the rhizosphere play in plant acquisition of soil organic phosphorus. My work focuses more specifically on interactions between bacterivorous nematodes and phytase producing bacteria on plant uptake of InsP6 in arable systems.
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