Unique opinion paper reflects on a collaborative discussion between three generations of scientists.

A related paper from the OP16 workshop is available  in the European Journal of Soil Science Anniversary Issue here.

Anthony ‘Tony’ Harrison, Phil Haygarth and Ben Turner the metaphorical academic granfather-son-grandson reflect on 50 years of organic phosphorus research.

As an early career scientist I found this article both unique and valuable. For the teachers among you I encourage you to share this with your students. The  critical discourse evident in this piece offers a unique treatment and perspective for students and more experienced practitioners alike.


About malikamezeli

I am a PhD student based at The James Hutton Institute, under Tim George, Roy Neilson, Phil Haygarth (Lancaster University) and Martin Blackwell (Rothamsted Research). My research considers the role trophic interactions in the rhizosphere play in plant acquisition of soil organic phosphorus. My work focuses more specifically on interactions between bacterivorous nematodes and phytase producing bacteria on plant uptake of InsP6 in arable systems.
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