Insightful meta-analysis: Hidden miners – the roles of cover crops and soil microorganisms in phosphorus cycling through agroecosystems

Any of you that were in Leuven in September for PSP6 would have heard Moritz’s interesting talk summarising his findings from his submitted meta-analysis on cover crops, microorganisms and the P cycle. This week the work has been published in Plant and Soil and can be accessed here. For those of you not fortunate to be at PSP6 (it was a great week!) this article comes highly recommended, not least for its systematic approach to literature evaluation. But alas without Moritz’s excellent verbal presentation.

About malikamezeli

I am a PhD student based at The James Hutton Institute, under Tim George, Roy Neilson, Phil Haygarth (Lancaster University) and Martin Blackwell (Rothamsted Research). My research considers the role trophic interactions in the rhizosphere play in plant acquisition of soil organic phosphorus. My work focuses more specifically on interactions between bacterivorous nematodes and phytase producing bacteria on plant uptake of InsP6 in arable systems.
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