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A Year in 31P NMR: A few highlights from 2015

In addition to recently posted articles, we’ve put together a short-list of highlights from 2015. As a short list, we encourage you to comment on the 31P NMR articles/media/presentations that you think were most influential in 2015. Geoderma special issue on phosphorus … Continue reading

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The oxygen isotope composition of phosphate released from phytic acid by the activity of wheat and Aspergillus niger phytase C. v. Sperber1,2, F. Tamburini1, B. Brunner3, S. M. Bernasconi4, and E. Frossard1 1Institute of Agricultural Sciences, ETH Zurich, Eschikon 33, 8315 Lindau, Switzerland 2Department of Biology, Stanford University, 473 Via Ortega, Y2E2 Building, Stanford, California 94305–5020, USA 3Department of Geosciences, University of Texas at El … Continue reading

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Geoderma Special Issue on Organic Phosphorus: In press articles available online The latest and greatest advances in the study of soil organic P, including many articles on the methodology and application of 31P NMR and oxygen isotopes of phosphate

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Nutrients in agroecosystems: Rethinking the management paradigm

From Drinkwater and Snapp (2007), who write that ‘an ecosystem-based approach would seek to optimize organic and mineral reservoirs with longer mean residence times that can be accessed through microbially- and plant-mediated processes’ and that it will be critical to … Continue reading

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