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In this interesting paper published in Ecosystems, Benjamin Turner and Etienne Laliberté studied the pedogenesis processes occurring in a 2 Million year chronosequence of coastal dunes under Mediterranean climate in Southwestern Australia. This is an outstanding opportunity for a case study … Continue reading

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Organic acid induced release of nutrients from metal-stabilized soil organic matter – The unbutton model

In this interesting review published in Soil Biology and Biochemistry, Marianne Clarholm and coauthors describe the role of organic acids in the stepwise process of organic phosphorus mobilization, hydrolysis and uptake. 

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FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT – Organic Phosphorus Workshop (OP2016)

We are delighted to announce Organic Phosphorus Workshop (OP2016), following the successful meetings held in Panama-2013 and in Ascona-2003.  All soil, water, plant and environmental scientists are welcome to exchange ideas and innovation on the subject of “Organic Phosphorus in the … Continue reading

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Land use and soil factors affecting accumulation of phosphorus species in temperate soils

Stutter and coauthors examined thirty-two temperate soils with a wide range or organic C concentrations for different P bioavailability indexes and the underlying  biogeochemichal properties conditioning P speciation. 31P-NMR spectroscopy on NaOH–EDTA extracts is a central methodology in this outstanding work.

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Recovering Phosphorus from Soil: A Root Solution?

Stutter et al. (2012) gives a global perspective in the potential of biotechnological approaches to increase plant access to soil Phosphorus. This viewpoint article was published in Environmental Science & Technology (ACS Publications).  

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